The services associated to the recovery of receivables and to the collection of receivables rely exclusively on the success fee, to be applied after your company collects the debt. The value of the fee varies between 2 and 9 %.

*For delay penalties, legal interest or written-off receivables, the value of the fee is different.
The monthly subscription consists of the provision of commercial consultancy for the performance of the company’s activity in optimal and secure conditions, and it includes the following services:

  • Checking and supervising the contracts concluded with the partners,
  • Assistance for transactions,
  • Assistance for the conclusion of the agreements,
  • Representation before the National Trade Register (ONRC) for any modifications incurred in relation to the company,
  • Drawing up of internal documents of the employer etc.

According to the selected subscription, it may also cover the collection of receivables procedure. The financial offer will be presented after determining the services that the customers requires.