Recovery of receivables

This procedure has two stages: Amicable and Court proceedings

  • Amicable: The procedure consists of notifying and having a dialogue with the debtor’s representatives, to determine them to fulfil their financial obligations to your company. In this stage, the settlement options are as follows:
1. Full payment of the receivable, within two business days.
2. Conclusion of a payment agreement with the debtor, with the payments evened out to you advantage as much as possible.
We are trying to identify optimal debt recovery solutions, trying to keep, where needed, a good relation of collaboration between the customer and the debtor. The experience we have accumulated has led us to the acknowledgement of the fact that the collaboration relation must be maintained between the parties, as future projects may bring the parties to the same negotiating table. By permanent dialog with the customer, we identify the case in which the divergence between the parties can only lead to a broken partnership, in which circumstances we use our best endeavors to mediate the conflict so that, after the receivable is collected, the relation of collaboration is maintained in optimal conditions, as our aim is not to break partnerships, but rather to strengthen them.
  • Court proceedings: If the litigation is not settled in the amicable stage, or if it is ascertained that the proceedings must be initiated without covering the first stage, being an urgent case or simply malice on the part of the debtor, the proposal to start judicial proceedings in court shall be advanced, registering the appropriate claim in relation to the documents in possession. Being aware of the existence of the prejudice, by the fact that the receivable was not collected on the due date, the claim shall be selected in such a way as to maintain the costs incurred for the progress of the trial (stamp duties, confirmations of company details, enforcement expenses etc.) to a minimum, as well as to generate the desired results.

For the cases when it is found that the fraud was pursued from the very beginning, or if there are clear indications of such offences, we provide the necessary assistance to notify the competent bodies, in view of holding the guilty persons accountable. 

Collection of receivables:

This procedure applies to all invoices with arrears of 30 to 150 days from the due date, and they are delivered to our company for a period of 60 business days, during which time our staff initiates the procedure for the collection of receivables exclusively by amicable channels.
The advantages of this service are:

  • Staff specialized in the field
  • The acceleration of the collection process 
  • It gives you the time to focus on your business
  • Mitigating the risk of arguing with your customers
  • Low fees

At the end of the collection period, for all the cases which are not amicably settled, you have the option to start court proceedings, and we shall provide the optimal solutions within this endeavor.
*The collection service applies to a minimum number of 10 delivered files


According to the needs, based on a monthly subscription or on a fixed cost, through our lawyers and specialized staff, we provide consultancy in the following areas: Commercial, Civil, Fiscal and Administrative Law, as well as representation before the National Trade Register Office (ONRC).

Insolvency and pre-insolvency monitoring

Insolvency: Monitoring of court files and of their hearing terms, drawing up and registering the letters requested by the trustee in bankruptcy/ official receiver or by the court, and briefing the partner on the progress of the case.
Pre-insolvency: Monitoring the customers of a company (from the list drawn up by you) and notifying the customer for the cases in which the statements of claims having as object the insolvency procedure associated to a collaborating/ customer company are registered In court ( This service provides you with the possibility to immediately take action against your debtors.